Make Me Up

I am having one of those days where unfortunately my skin just won’t play ball (I am generally pretty lucky and have been a bit slack looking after it). Thankfully, after 8 and a bit years of wearing make up I have finally found products that make my skin look and feel great. This post is for those of you with sensitive skin (If my face doesn’t like something it flares up instantly to let me know). Because of the sensitive and high maintenance nature of my skin I try to use all natural products and thanks to a growing market for chemical free products we are not short of choice!

1. Instablur All-In-One from The Body Shop:

Miracle Cream

This stuff is AMAZING, unfortunately it is a bit expensive but I just apply it to areas where the pores need some extra hiding. It also has a tendency to fall off my finger and disappear down the drain but I’ve learnt to just apply it in small amounts and have my finger close to my face when squeezing it out of the tube.

2. Moisture Foundation from The Body Shop:

This is my absolute favorite foundation and provided it isn’t discontinued I will be using this when I’m 80! It is gentle on my skin and a small amount provides terrific coverage! One 30ml container can last me over 6 months (I remember the shop assistant telling me this and me totally writing it off as a sales tact). This product is godsend for people with dry, sensitive skin. It isn’t heavy and my skin can still breathe with it on, it feels like I’m not wearing make up at all.

3. All-In-One Face Base from The Body Shop:

You guessed it…I’m a massive Body Shop fan!!! This powder is the trick to not having to reapply my makeup throughout the day, no more panic when I look in my handbag and my makeup bag isn’t there. This powder is durable and ensures that I’m flawless for the day (I don’t have very oily skin which also helps). It goes on evenly and blends easily. I apply with a powder brush rather than the provided sponge because I prefer lighter coverage.

4. Highlighter from The Body Shop:

This is probably the one Body Shop product that I’m not enamored with. It highlights but I find that I need to use quite a bit to get that real highlighted effect. I apply with a brush and apply two layers in between my foundation and powder, if I’m trying to get a bit more effect from it I’ll dab a little under my eyes after my makeup is done.

5 & 6. Baked-To-Last Bronzer and Blush from The Body Shop:

Baked-To-Last Bronzer

These two are on the expensive side for a bronzer and a blush but again they last forever.The bronzer blends so well and doubles as a highlighter so it gives an extra glow. Both products are good graduating products (the more you apply the darker/brighter they are) this is especially good for me because I’m not a huge blush user, it gives my cheeks a perfect little flush. Another two products I will be using when I’m 80!

7. Eye Shadow Primer and Pigment Eye Shadow from Madison Street Beauty:

Champagne – My absolute fave shade

Unfortunately this company is no longer in existence, I did manage to stock up before they shut up shop. Their products were all natural and vegan so nice for me and nice for all little critters in the world. My favorite shade, champagne, is a glittery gold,bronze that is always met with compliments. When applied on top of the primer it really stands out. The primer ensures durability and again means I don’t have to reapply. Although Madison Street Beauty is no more there are many similar companies on Etsy. I’ll definitely be trying them when I run out of my stockpile.

8. Scandal Eyes Retroglam Mascara by Rimmel:

My fave mascara, no eyeliner needed and gives a perfect twiggy eye every time. This one really makes eyes stand out!

9. Lip and Cheek Stain from Model Co:

I use the Rosy Red shade and the Blushing Pink shade. Lip stains are a must have for me, I rarely have a nude lip and these are great on their own or under a lipstick to boost the shade. They don’t wear off and can last for hours, I love the Model Co ones because they are great matched with lipstick and have stick-ability. The brush applicator makes for no mess and precision application.

These are the treasures I need to have in my make up bag to make me look and feel flawless all day long and they are perfect in any season!!! I only need to apply a small amount for day wear and top it up for a night out!

Until next time