Yes I found the most gorgeous pair of vintage wedges on modcloth I am such a classic person and am addicted to black and white movies and the debonair era. It’s easy to see why modcloth is one of my absolute fave sites!! The shoes are lovely and so comfy. What I love even more about modcloth is their range of pricing. They stock some expensive items but are mostly affordable and of good quality!!!

These have been teamed with a number of my shift dresses and have already received many compliments :) I definitely recommend this site to EVERYONE. They have a super cute home section which I find is ideal for gifts!!
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I have succumbed. I LOVE creepers. I’ll confess when I first saw these things I thought they were a disgrace to shoes the world over BUT I have discovered an appreciation for them (granted my sister and best friend are NOT convinced).

I tend to be pretty bold in my style and while it is predominantly classic I do like to throw in a bit of edge once in a while (Yes I do own a pair of doc martens…they may be covered in flowers but they still have the edge!!)

It took some convincing and I’ll admit the pair I like is a more classic style. Jeffrey Campbell’s Ad Long


I love the colours and like that they are a bit more demure than the usual punk rock feel creeper. I also LOVE the brogue look :)


Anyway still in the deciding stage but right now it looks like this might be a happening thing. Let me know what you think. All opinions are good opinions.

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