2014 Was My Year To Grow!

2014 brought with it a new job, new city and of course a new wardrobe. I was thrown a lot of curve balls and learned so so much. It was my year to go out on my own and find my feet in a new city and a new role!!! I have to say 2014 had a lot of hidden lessons and positives. My love life took a hit but it was just the push I needed to find my 23 year old determination and independence. I got on a fit buzz and pushed myself far beyond my comfort zone.

Here are some snaps from my year just gone.

1. I graduated!!! I officially have a law degree and a degree in political science…5 years of hard work officially came to fruition!!!

The graduate

The graduate

2. I moved!!! I made a move to a new city away from my family and friends. I got an amazing new job and have gained some invaluable experience!!! I am living an awesome urban life living in the city centre!!!

New Home!!!

New Home!!!

View from my lounge

Morning walk to work

3. I jumped on the fitness bandwagon. I made some huge lifestyle changes that resulted in a big confidence boost.

Post workout

Post workout

Fit style

Fit style

My melbourne cup day...turned my wine into water

My melbourne cup day…turned my wine into water

4. I fell in love…and back out again. 2014 was the year of heartbreak for me…that heartbreak that makes you realise you didn’t really love anyone until you met him. The same heartbreak pushed me out into the world beyond my comfort zone and was the biggest lesson and motivation.IMG_20140327_110644 IMG_20140918_0248255. I reached some personal shopping goals…My wardrobe hit a whole new high…and my bank account reached a whole new low. This has led to 2015 being the year of better financial management and savings goals! Below are some 2014 faves!!


A bit more Cue

A little mor Asos

A little Asos

Some Oasis from Asos

Some Oasis from Asos (Yes I actually owned shoes in the exact colour to match)

Some Tony Bianco

And Beau Coops X Karen Walker

Now onto a 2015 full of potential. I will strive to succeed, be kind, stay humble and never forget how lucky I am to have a life full of endless opportunity. Each day I will wake up and remind myself of this.

Until next time