The Windy City!!

Ahhhh sorry I’ve been so slack. I’ve just returned from a week away in Wellington (New Zealand’s Capital) for a girls weekend and the Wearable Arts. It was so nice to get away from Uni and Hamilton for a bit. I managed to spend up large. (I shall post photos of new purchases as I wear them) and drank cocktails and ate the most amazing food.

Night one was dinner at an Indian restaurant (not very nice at all if I’m honest but washed down with Pinot Gris). This was followed by an early night thanks to the 7 hour drive to get down there.

Saturday night, dinner was at Cuba St Bistro. This is where the strawberry and cinnamon daquiris were flowing. Must say I think I have found my new fave drink. For dinner I had the 3 cheese risotto with chicken…DELISH. A few of us then carried onto some bars in Cuba St while the others creeped back to the motel.

Strawberry and Cinnamon Daquiri

The next night was the Wearable Arts. For those of you who haven”t heard of this, its a fashion show with a twist. Basically creators from all around the world submit their garments made from absolutely anything. the work that goes into these is just outstanding. One of my favourite past winners was a garment called “Rattle your dags” it was made by a pair of Auckland designers and shows the creativity of some people. It was made of recycled wool fadges, wool, a cycle helmet, merino horns, hemp rope and crystals.

This was followed by dinner at Shed 5 (Simon Gault’s Wellington restaurant) where there was yet more gorgeous food and wine to be had.

Safe to say I had the BEST weekend ever which was followed by a few more days with my grandparents.

Anyway back to reality and the mountain of work I have piled up.

Until next time x



Cupcake CRAZY

Okay, I will admit it. I have jumped on the cupcake bandwagon and boy do I love it!!!

Thankfully I’m not a sweet tooth and so the cupcakes are finding their way onto the hips of friends and family :)

It all started in January when my Goddaughter’s first birthday rolled around and on a wet day (yes last summer was the wettest summer EVER!!!) I decided to have a crack at them for her party. This was how they turned out…

Shilah’s First Birthday

From there it moved to a plea on Facebook to make rainbow cupcakes…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: How could I pass up the chance to play with rainbow candy strips and Persian fairy floss (although I don’t recommend the fairy floss…its super fine and so it wilts after 2 seconds)


After that it just grew and grew to my friend birthday with these little ones. I will admit my mum made the roses (they were left over from a wedding cake she decorated).

Rose cupcakes

Then my sisters 20th birthday came around and by then I was a pro with Coffee and Pecan cupcakes being added to my repertoire. (Click the link for a delish coffee pecan cupcake recipe)

Dida’s 20th

Finally, my last project…I graduated to NAUGHTY cupcakes for my friend’s boyfriend. I have to admit (yes even at 21 years of age) I had a wee giggle whilst crafting these little boobs and bums :P (I had to do both as I didn’t know his preference haha)

For the boobs man

For the bum man

Thank goodness there have been no more birthdays. I’m rather concerned for what comes after bums and boobs on a cupcake :/ . In all seriousness though these are so fun to make and actually so easy. Fondant icing is fun and easy to use and it means that the decorating possibilities are endless.

Until next time x