Change Up

How hard it is to get back into the swing of things after a bit of a break. Unfortunately a break also means a break in routine. I am struggling to find motivation for the gym. I see inspirational pics…run in there ready to do a huge workout and then all of a sudden that surge fizzles out. It could be the fact that people are taking selfies in the mirrors while sitting on a bench that I need to use….or the 10 minute intervals between sets on the equipment. It could also be the sardine can layout when doing floor work. My tolerance for all of the above is so low.

I decided I needed to change it up…What better way to relax than throwing some yoga into the mix. I was sad to see the exorbitant prices for yoga classes in Auckland and so it was a thrill to find out that there is a weekly lunch time class (for the whopping price of $8) …AT MY WORKPLACE. How had I not heard about this before?! Wednesday is the perfect day for a stretch, deep breathing and relaxation. How my demeanor has changed just by adding in an hour of yoga a week. I definitely recommend it to every gym bunny out there (yes boys too). It’s not a strenuous workout but it works out parts that don’t get used. It has strengthened my back and core and stretched out all the overworked parts of me!

Definitely can’t wait for yoga tomorrow!!!

Yoga pants from Lululemon

Yoga pants from Lululemon


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