Yes I found the most gorgeous pair of vintage wedges on modcloth I am such a classic person and am addicted to black and white movies and the debonair era. It’s easy to see why modcloth is one of my absolute fave sites!! The shoes are lovely and so comfy. What I love even more about modcloth is their range of pricing. They stock some expensive items but are mostly affordable and of good quality!!!

These have been teamed with a number of my shift dresses and have already received many compliments :) I definitely recommend this site to EVERYONE. They have a super cute home section which I find is ideal for gifts!!
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I have succumbed. I LOVE creepers. I’ll confess when I first saw these things I thought they were a disgrace to shoes the world over BUT I have discovered an appreciation for them (granted my sister and best friend are NOT convinced).

I tend to be pretty bold in my style and while it is predominantly classic I do like to throw in a bit of edge once in a while (Yes I do own a pair of doc martens…they may be covered in flowers but they still have the edge!!)

It took some convincing and I’ll admit the pair I like is a more classic style. Jeffrey Campbell’s Ad Long


I love the colours and like that they are a bit more demure than the usual punk rock feel creeper. I also LOVE the brogue look :)


Anyway still in the deciding stage but right now it looks like this might be a happening thing. Let me know what you think. All opinions are good opinions.

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Model Citizen?

For someone who is about to become a lawyer I have an awful lot of artistic friends. This has led to me being used as a model for assignments (mostly the ones left to the last minute). Of course I can’t say no…A $2000 camera, studio lighting and Photoshop ALWAYS makes a girl feel like a million dollars :)

‘Photo shoot’ One (I may have bitten off more than I could chew with this one) took place in the middle of the New Zealand bush, next to a waterfall…In the middle of WINTER!!

Ngaruawahia, NZ

Safe to say I left that one freezing, unable to feel anything and with the beginnings of a cold…not to mention the mud I traipsed home with me. Was so much fun though!!!

Round two was nice and warm in a studio…Alas I had a wee car accident on the way (not my fault just to be clear haha).  I carried on to the meet my friend and after a debrief of what had happened to my poor little blue racer we started. The theme for this was ‘Animals are friends not fur’ and so my prop…a gorgeous teddy.

I think I’ll definitely continue to help friends out with their assignments, I’d be lying if I said I got nothing out of it. The amount of laughs that go on and the fun that we have all to get a photo that I actually like of myself, its a hard knock life :P

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Cupcake CRAZY

Okay, I will admit it. I have jumped on the cupcake bandwagon and boy do I love it!!!

Thankfully I’m not a sweet tooth and so the cupcakes are finding their way onto the hips of friends and family :)

It all started in January when my Goddaughter’s first birthday rolled around and on a wet day (yes last summer was the wettest summer EVER!!!) I decided to have a crack at them for her party. This was how they turned out…

Shilah’s First Birthday

From there it moved to a plea on Facebook to make rainbow cupcakes…CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: How could I pass up the chance to play with rainbow candy strips and Persian fairy floss (although I don’t recommend the fairy floss…its super fine and so it wilts after 2 seconds)


After that it just grew and grew to my friend birthday with these little ones. I will admit my mum made the roses (they were left over from a wedding cake she decorated).

Rose cupcakes

Then my sisters 20th birthday came around and by then I was a pro with Coffee and Pecan cupcakes being added to my repertoire. (Click the link for a delish coffee pecan cupcake recipe)

Dida’s 20th

Finally, my last project…I graduated to NAUGHTY cupcakes for my friend’s boyfriend. I have to admit (yes even at 21 years of age) I had a wee giggle whilst crafting these little boobs and bums :P (I had to do both as I didn’t know his preference haha)

For the boobs man

For the bum man

Thank goodness there have been no more birthdays. I’m rather concerned for what comes after bums and boobs on a cupcake :/ . In all seriousness though these are so fun to make and actually so easy. Fondant icing is fun and easy to use and it means that the decorating possibilities are endless.

Until next time x